So Who Writes This Blog, Anyway?


When Arianna isn’t at her day job as an Associate Editor at O, The Oprah Magazine, she’s off exploring New York—then blogging about it. Since moving to the city in 2009, she’s been sharing her Manhattan adventures on The View From the 36th Floor, named after the sight of the New York skyline that inspired her to blog. She’s got big hair, a passion for traveling, and an apartment full of books. If you don’t see her wandering the city (probably with headphones in, listening to Kanye West) you can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course, For more on her work, visit


Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland

Current ’hood: Upper East Side

Years in NYC: 4.5

What brought me here: A pocket full of dreams, and a newspaper internship.


Bookstore: Rizzoli on 57th Street. It”s like a reading sanctuary plucked from the 1920’s.

Eat: ABC Kitchen. Delightful decor + spinach & goat cheese pizza  = everything.

Tourist attraction: Central Park. Still taking photos of every leaf and pond.

Movie theater: The Ziegfeld. I am Daisy Buchanan when I walk in there.

Team: Sorry, can’t pick one. Ravens fan fo’ life.

Department store: Bergdorf’s, for the clothes, the windows, and the architecture.

Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’sThe Devil Wears Prada, Annie Hall, and You’ve Got Mail.

Show: Sex and the City, of course.

Quiet place: The lighthouse at the tip of Roosevelt Island. I used to live near there, and it’s a little piece of…well, peace.

Moment: Singing along with Jay-z and Alicia Keys to “Empire State of Mind” at his Yankee stadium show a few summers ago. Goosebumps!


7 thoughts on “So Who Writes This Blog, Anyway?

  1. Oh the wonderful world of blogging, you are so near but yet so far. Enjoy your endeavors in New York City and pursuing your Journalism dreams!!

  2. Glance through your blog, interesting. Nice pictures also. The read so hard video was very entertaining. Instagram is dis_gent

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