A Letter to 2013


Dear 2013,

You were a year I will never forget. Unexpected, really; you were supposed to be just another space somewhere between starting the rest of my life and living it.

Instead, I drank margaritas in Cabo. Wrote my ass off on the 36th floor. Found strength in the arms of my girlfriends. Swam with dolphins in Jamaica. Built resilience in the gym. Cried on 59th street. Laughed on 78th. Ran with my nephew in the pumpkin patch. Moved–alone–to the Upper East Side. Danced with Beyonce and Jay-z (!) at Christie’s. Held hands at the zoo in DC. Cracked up with my co-workers in the cubicle. Surprised my mom at the airport. Celebrated the Ravens in Baltimore. Peeled stickers off my butt in the Hamptons. Watched fireworks on the roof. Swam with my dad in Mexico. Hugged Minnie at Disneyland. Had my heart broken in Central Park. Sang “Empire State of Mind” in Yankee Stadium.  Got a tattoo in Brooklyn. Welcomed my sister to New York. Discovered peace in the bathtub. Partied with those same girlfriends…all over. And felt God in every single place.

And that’s only the beginning of the list. Now, I realize: I never should’ve thought you would be regular, or boring. Because each one of those moments were sparks–no matter how dim or how bright–that lit up my life. So thank you, 2013. Because of you, I can’t wait to shine in 2014.

xo Arianna


7 thoughts on “A Letter to 2013

  1. Well this is probably going to surprise you but yes it is me your brother and yes I did just read all of your blogs this morning! All I can say is wow…You are truly talented and have even gotten your brother (Who doesn’t like to read unless mandatory by work) waiting for your next entry. In regards to 2014; I say bring it!!!! We will be just fine :)….Not to mention you will have another nephew to spoil come April. Love you sis!

  2. My dear Arianna, life will always give you ups and downs. Its what you make of them. You are a beautiful young woman and the world is opening for you to take it. Remember, learn from yesterday, live today and you will get to tomorrow when it gets here. I love you, your Titi!

  3. Add to that: Made a huge impact on She’s the First.
    YOU ROCK! Merry Christmas, Arianna. So proud every time I see your byline (and there have been a LOT of them!)

  4. Awww sissy! This was so beautiful and to see the growth and all the things you have accomplished in one year is so inspiring, I know I tell you that all the time. I am so excited to see what 2014 as in store for you and it will be nothing but filled with more amazing times and bigger and better things- and lots more weekend outings and sister dinners in the citaaayy! Love you to pieces.

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