The City Is Mine

ImageToday, I had one of those lovely, perfect New York moments.

The weather is (finally!) warm, so after work, I strolled toward Columbus Circle. The sun was still shining, the fountains were going, and the flowers seemed more vibrant than I’d seen in a long time. I started my walk home along Central Park South, feeling enamored with the park, in awe of the Plaza Hotel, and practically skipping when I came to the mini-Strand bookstore on 5th Avenue. I literally took a moment to stop, take a deep breath, and think Man, I love this city.

By the way, you read that right: I did say my walk home along Central Park South. I recently moved; While the island will always have a special place in my heart, I felt for awhile that after four years, I was ready for a change. And no sooner had I made the decision to find my own place than the perfect, unexpected 1 bedroom fell into my lap. So, it’s official: I’m an Upper East Sider now. Just call me the brown Serena van der Woodsen.

My friend and fellow brown Upper East Sider and I have been plotting how to rally our friends this summer and make it a point to take in all the many things this city has to offer. I admit, I’m often afflicted with a case of Grass is Always Greener, falling into daydreams of  my other city-love, Paris, or other ‘hoods across the globe I’ve yet to discover. But the truth is, there’s a truly amazing city right outside my door, and my wonder and amazement today reminded me of that. So here’s to a summer to remember—I can’t wait to share whatever this great city has in store.


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