The Pizza Chronicles, Part 1

ImageI love pizza.

I know, this isn’t really a revelation. I mean, who doesn’t? But seriously, one of my ultimate comfort foods is a New York-style, sizzling hot, dripping, tasty slice of pizza. Unfortunately, said bit of heaven does not fit hand in hand with my slim-and-trim for Spring plan.

However, when I’m feeling naughty between workouts and carb-free life (sigh) and I decide to treat myself, I know exactly where to go. Fortunately for my taste buds (and unfortunately for my diet) it just so happens that my favorite slice comes from Mariella’s Pizza, which is right by my job. It’s classically New York: Huge, with just the right cheese-sauce-crust ratio. Simply perfection. And don’t get it twisted: I like my pizza NY style. Perhaps when I venture to Italy in 2014 with my girlfriends, I’ll discover that I like real Italian pizza, but for now I’ll take mine ginormous and cheesy, per favore.

But declaring your favorite slice in this city is a pretty bold statement, and there are many out there that I have yet to try. A close second so far is the original pie at Patsy’s Pizzeria. But with so many left on my to-try list, I just had a thought: Why not go on a pizza tour of the city in search of my ultimate #1? I mean, for the sake of my blog, of course. I can sacrifice some carbs and cheese for a good story, right?

Ok, personal challenge accepted. So, stay tuned—ooey, gooey pizza deliciousness is coming your way.


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