Floor 36 Review: Something Borrowed Was Something Good!

From the Something Borrowed movie site

So remember I was a bit skeptical about how the movie version of Something Borrowed, one of my favorite chick lit books, was going to do based on the trailer?

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I went to go see the movie on opening night on Friday w/ my best friend, who was also the one who introduced me to the book and Emily Giffin. I rarely think that movies do a good job of adapting a book, but this was one exception that I thought was really close. We both thought they did a great job of casting Ginnifer Goodwin as the sweet, self-deprecating brunette Rachel, Kate Hudson as the self-centered, ditzy Darcy and Colin Eggelsfield, an actor I was unfamiliar with, as Dex—I couldn’t stop drooling over him the whole movie, which was perfect, because that’s how I felt about him while reading the book.

I also thought the New York scenes were great. They incorporated Shake Shack, Bryant Park, the Village and the Hamptons, all classic New York places, in a way that didn’t feel overdone, like it does in so many New York-based romantic comedies. Overall, I laughed, I teared up, and talked out loud to the screen—all signs of a good movie that I will buy on DVD.

Unfortunately, it seems like me and my friend are the only ones who had a positive reaction—I’ve read tons of negative reviews, and in the theater on Friday there was only a handful of people, which is never a good sign for opening night. So I guess I won’t hold my breath that the sequel will also hit the big screen…but I sure wish it would!


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