Cathie Black Is Out

photo courtesy of the New York Times

New York City’s school chancellor Cathie Black is out. She will be replaced by Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott (pictured above.)

Remember back in November when I wrote about being unsure how she’d do in the job? She was undoubtedly great as the former Hearst president—but something never clicked to me about her moving over to one of the toughest education gigs there is.

Sure enough, she stumbled through the job with odd public outbursts and inappropriate jokes about birth control that all showed how wrong she was for the position. And I guess even her pal Mayor Bloomberg had to admit it, as New York 1 is reporting that his official announcement about her stepping down and being replaced is supposed to be coming any minute now.

I do love to see women taking risks and rising to positions of power. And since I first started dreaming of being in the magazine industry, I truly looked up to Cathie Black as a role model and a woman who paved the way. But nothing about this position was right for her, and it was as clear as day. So while I do feel badly for her, I do think there were about a million signs that this was not the right job for her, and she had to have been blind not to see them.

Regardless, I think the bigger question now is, when is New York’s education department going to get it together and think about the children in these schools? Sheesh.


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