From Paradise to the City of Dreams

I’ve been gone for a bit, and will openly admit that it’s because I had a romantic fling with one of my earliest loves, the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. I’m sorry, New York. But your gray skies, pollution, and rude inhabitants had a girl about to lose her mind. I needed a serious break. So when my family invited me along for a trip to St. Maarten, a place we visited often when I was young, I didn’t think twice before booking a flight ASAP.

And boy, was it needed. St. Maarten is a unique place in that it is the smallest island in the world to be governed by two nations: France and the Netherlands. So you literally cross over from one half to the other and there’s a different language, currency, and culture. I love all things travel and culture related, so for me, it’s pretty fascinating. And aside from that, the beaches are breathtaking. So after working non-stop since college and feeling a little suffocated by the concrete jungle that is New York City, I welcomed a few days of peace in the Caribbean with wide-open arms.

But I have to say, that saying about needing to step away from something to be able to truly appreciate it is really true. Since I’ve been back in NYC, I’ve been walking through the streets with a little pep in my step, while listening to Britney Spears’ new album (hey, don’t judge me!) on my iPod, feeling good to be back. It always takes being away to forget about the city’s flaws. Now I’m just ready for Spring and Summer to hit—my favorite times in the city!


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