Tourist for a Weekend

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I realized this past weekend that since I’ve been living in New York for some time now, I don’t always appreciate it for all it has to offer. But when my family, including my brother and his wife who had never been to New York before, came to town this past weekend, I had the opportunity to look at the city with a tourist’s eyes.

Thinking of things for us to do while they were here was a lot of fun, and it reminded me that even though I’m a resident and New Yorkers tend to look down on tourists, it doesn’t hurt to do some touristy things every once in awhile and embrace the magnitude of history and sights the city has to offer. Aside from visiting my grandparents in the Bronx, we did some fun things, like browsing the stores on 5th Ave, going to Battery Park to glimpse the Statue of Liberty, checking out NYC souvenir shops and strolling through Times Square at night.

It was a true reminder of how much I really love this city. It’s been a dismal winter of walking briskly with my hood up and head down through the winter winds, but the weekend reminded me that it can never hurt to embrace a bit of the awe that comes when I look up at the Empire State Building, or when I take a moment to admire the view of the shining lights of Manhattan when I cross over a bridge into another borough. It was truly like reuniting with an old love, and as corny as it may seem, I just want to shout it from the rooftops: I Love New York.


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