Happy New Year, MTA!

photo courtesy of Gawker

Happy New Year, Floor Thirty Six readers. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. When I got back to the city after Christmas, despite the terrible weather situation, I felt renewed and invigorated, ready to see what good ol’ NYC had in store for me in the New Year. And what do you know ā€” the MTA sure did have a gift for New Yorkers to bring in the New Year: subway fare hikes…again.

When I first moved to New York, one-way fare was $2. It was raised not long after to $2.25, with an unlimited ride card for $89, which both seemed really expensive, but I’ve dealt with it for the last year and some change. But somehow ā€” yet again, due to the state’s mistakes in budgeting ā€” a ride on the subway is being raised again: to $2.50, and the Unlimited monthly card is going from $89 to a whopping $104. When I first heard the new prices, my jaw dropped. A 17% increase in one year?!

For me, not getting an unlimited is just not an option…I go to and from work every weekday, go out to run errands on the weekends, and oh yea, have somewhat of a social life. So getting an unlimited certainly saves money.

The non-New Yorkers are probably saying, what’s the big deal? That’s not a lot compared to paying for gas each a month. And don’t get me wrong, I do realize that $104 is probably a heck of a lot cheaper than filling up a gas tank…but the difference is, in addition to ridiculously high rent and expensive food and drinks, it’s costly for me to get around, too. Sigh. Maybe I’ll just become a hermit and stay inside my apartment on the days I don’t work to save money.

Happy New Year to you too, NY MTA!


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