A Sad Story

Ever since I saw her face on the front page of the Daily News that was on my desk last Friday, I haven’t been able to get the tragic story of Sylvie Cachay’s death out of my head. The case of the nearly-34-year-old swimsuit designer who was found dead in a bathtub in a room at the Soho House, partially clothed with marks on her neck and wrists, has been all over the news since.

image courtesy of NYDN

I’m not sure why this particular story strikes me so…she was young, beautiful, loved life and had a stellar designing career for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Victoria’s Secret, as well as her own swimsuit line. Perhaps what has drawn me in to this story is the especially eerie fact that she was a member of the SoHo house and frequented the exclusive club often, along with the other enviable fashionistas that I imagine spend their days there poolside and carefree. She was one of them, but then she ended up murdered there. It makes you think: maybe the glamorous life isn’t always so glamorous after all?

From one of my favorite Sex and the City episodes: when the girls sneak into the Soho house
image courtesy of the Gothamist

What makes the end of Cachay’s beautiful, fashion-filled life seem even more tragic is the fact that the number 1 suspect is her stoner, unemployed, 24-year-old boyfriend, Nicholas Brooks — the son of Joseph Brooks, a composer who was apparently charged in many rape cases years ago and who is commonly described as “sleazy” by both the Daily News and NY Post. It definitely seems like a mismatched relationship that ended in the worst way possible.

I hadn’t heard of her before this case, but after seeing her website and designs, it’s clear she was really talented and gone before her time. Such a tragedy…I hope they bring justice to this case.

source: New York Daily News


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