I swear, every time I get a little cranky, frustrated or ungrateful, this city finds a way to remind me of how blessed I am:

It was hard to capture in a photo and it might be hard to see here, but there I was Friday evening, all woe-is-me because it had been raining all day and I would be at work late on a Friday night. But then I walked past the window and was struck by the awe and beauty of this true view from the 36th floor: a rainbow. A reminder that things never really are that bad. Incredible…


One thought on “Somewhere…

  1. I have to agree with you. I saw the same rainbow on Friday, except I was on the Jersey side of the river. Driving home from work, the rainbow was so close I could see where it began and where it ended. The most beautiful sight. It was amazing to drive right under the arch of the rainbow. A while back you told me how you saw a rainbow and thought that meant everything was going to be ok. Something that definitely helped. Now every time I come across a rainbow, I think about that. Thanks for sharing.

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