Forever Young

photo of Jay-z & Kanye West at Yankee Stadium, 9/14/10

“Fear not when, fear not why, fear not much while we’re alive/life is for living, not living uptight/see ya somewhere up in the sky…” – Jay-z, Forever Young

Scene: September 14th, the Bronx. Yankee Stadium. Two of hip-hop’s greats, Eminem and Jay-z, and some 50,000 + screaming fans.

A historic day for music, and the best concert I’ve ever been to, hands down.

This all might sound a bit dramatic, but here’s a little background: I’ve always loved hip-hop, but as of late it has been so disappointing – with little meaning or authenticity, there are few hip-hop artists I am still a major fan of, but I do have my top three right now: Jay-z, Kanye, and Drake.

So imagine my excitement when my boss surprised me last Tuesday with tickets to a Jay-z concert, and a historic NY concert at that – the first concert in Yankee Stadium.

Me and my co-worker went together, and we were shocked when we found our seats were actually down on the field of the stadium, 20th row. The seats were perfect to see the show from beginning to end. I’m not a huge Eminem fan, but he opened with a great set. He brought out 50 Cent and, my favorite part, also brought Dr. Dre out of hiding (who knows where he’d been all this time?) But Jay-z blew the entire stadium out of the water when after coming on with a freestyle, he brought out Kanye West, bright red leather suit and all. I almost collapsed from excitement – I’ve seen him in concert twice, but my love for Kanye runs deep and I can never get enough of his energy. And when Drake came out next, I just about lost it. Seriously? It was hard to keep up with the surprises, especially when more of them followed – throughout the show, out came Swizz Beats, Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce. Hip-hop heaven.

The most magical moment was when Jay-z was performing Empire State of Mind, which, as I think I’ve mentioned, will forever hold a special place in my heart as the theme song behind me getting my feet on the ground in NYC. When I turned around to look at the stadium behind me filled with thousands of people. I couldn’t help but think, “here I am, on the field of Yankee Stadium, watching Jay-z perform on a perfect fall night…” It was enough for my eyes to fill with tears, and was definitely an unforgettable moment…


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