NYC Fashion Night Out

Bright lights, champagne, fashion and beauty. These are the makings of Fashion’s Night Out, a New York fashion week event that is the brainchild of Anna Wintour and Conde Nast. After the success of its first year in 2009, the city has been anticipating round two. The stores stay open later and have sales, presentations, drinks and music. NYC’ers come out in droves for the mixing and mingling, so I was excited when my ultimate fashionista friend told me she wanted to come to town for Friday night’s festivities, especially since I missed it last year.

The evening didn’t disappoint. Wintour is a genius for dreaming up the perfect mixture of a night out with fashion and fun, and there are so many options all over the city and even in the boroughs that it’s overwhelming. We stuck around 5th Avenue, and while we hit up everything from YSL to Sak’s Fifth Avenue, my favorite store was definitely the Tiffany’s flagship. We were greeted by two Holly Golightlys (if you aren’t familiar, Holly is the character Audrey Hepburn plays in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) who were taking photos with guests at the entrance. A plush yellow carpet leading into the store and a candy bar stocked with yellow candies were all in celebration of the store’s debut of its new yellow diamond collection.

While Tiffany’s had the best presentation in my opinion, the highlight of our night happened at the Chanel flagship. My friend and I wanted to head upstairs to check out the customizable Chanel flats that were available for order, but when we tried to head upstairs we were told there was a 10-minute wait. As the minutes ticked by, the crowd got bigger and bigger, and all of a sudden, the seas parted and in walked Karl Lagerfeld himself, with a rockstar-tinted halo around him:

photo courtesy of Channing In The City

Thank goodness my friend was able to snap this photo – the one I tried to rush and get ended up being just of his bodyguard! The hairs on my arms literally stood up when he walked in – he definitely has an energy about him, and for anyone who cares even the slightest about fashion, this was a pretty awesome moment. After that sighting, it didn’t matter what else happened – Fashion Night Out was definitely a hit for me.


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