Thank You, Big Apple

Today at work I had the oddest instance of deja vu. I was talking to my boss in her office when I noticed a page she had torn out from her newspaper sitting on her desk. Something about the picture was tugging at my memory, and it took a minute for my mind to click: the article, taken from a large New York newspaper, was about the Vendy Awards, a day-long award event for street vendors in New York City. The deja vu hit when I realized I had written an article about that very event around this same time last year, when I was an intern for the paper.

Realizing that had been me exactly a year ago, paired with me recently celebrating my 23rd birthday, was a bright reminder of how much has changed in my life in the past year. A year ago, I was freshly out of college, finishing up a newspaper internship at a large New York paper, crashing at a friend’s house sharing her bed because I had nowhere else to live, with no idea what would come next. At the time, my reality looked like I would end up a miserable newspaper reporter, and my fantasy was that I would be a magazine writer. A year later, I have the best job I could dream of at this age at one of the nation’s largest and, I can say unbiasedly, best magazines in the country. In the interim, I moved into my first apartment with two girls I didn’t know, interned at said magazine for 6 months, working on minimum wage, praying and daring to dream that it would all work out for me. And it did.

With Alicia Keys singing “concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” as my inevitable soundtrack I somehow have made it here. Reflecting today on this fact and the amazing blessings I have was enough to make me cry. In the past year, this city has shown me my own strength – that I can master a confusing subway system, that I can hold my own in what can be an overwhelming job, that I can put together a full-sized bed that arrived in a million pieces all by myself.

I have New York to thank for much of that, and I’m looking forward to chasing many more dreams in this city.


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