Top 3 Reasons I Dislike NY Smokers

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In such a crowded city, there are many things that can be irritating about New York. But by far, my number one pet peeve about this city is the smokers. Now, this dislike for smokers could probably be applied to smokers everywhere, because at the end of the day, I will never understand why anyone would still smoke knowing what we know now about the harmful effects. But, in New York, with its limited space and rude people, smokers seem about 10 times worse. My top three reasons (and trust me, there are many more):

1) If you’re smoking, I’m smoking. Come on people. The sidewalks of this city are packed. My morning walk to work is spent shoulder to shoulder with other morning commuters. So when you decide to light up that cigarette and smoke years off your life, you’re also smoking years off mine, because I’m right there next to you. The last thing I want to do is inhale cigarette smoke first thing in the morning, or anytime, for that matter.

2) Sometimes, you just want a breath of fresh air. Let’s be honest. With the pollution, sewage, and city smells, the air in this city isn’t exactly refreshing. But sometimes when I’ve been cramped up inside the office all day, I need to go outside for a few minutes, enjoy a bit of sunlight and just breathe. So when you walk past me blowing your cigarette smoke in my face, it completely ruins the moment. I like my fresh air clean, thank you.

3) NY smokers have no regard for where they throw their cigarette butts. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been walking and a cigarette smoker has been chattering away on their phone and thrown their cigarette haphazardly to the side – which ended up being my arm. Yes, the burn isn’t exactly life threatening, but still – I didn’t ask for cigarette embers burning on my skin.


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