I Think You Need To Call Tyrone

In a perfect New York doggie world, me and my adorable little puppy would live in a chic Manhattan loft. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city  and sprawling hardwood floors, the dog would have plenty of space to play and our safe yet hip neighborhood complete with lots of grass would be the perfect area for him to frolic and for me to take him for walks on his trendy leash.

Unfortunately for my imaginary dog, I don’t live in a perfect New York doggie world. Don’t get me wrong – I love my apartment and I love my neighborhood. With a 3-digit rent, doorman, and a balcony with a skyline view, my apartment is definitely a steal by New York standards. But as an animal lover and someone who begged her mom for years to get a dog to no avail, now that I’m on my own as a new working girl, I’ve often thought about getting a little companion to keep me company. Unfortuantely there are three small problems: I have two roomates, no pets are allowed in my building, and I definitely don’t have enough room for a dog.

Actually, make that four small problems, because I’ve thought about disobeying the no pets rule and getting a cat (the perfect small NY apartment pet). But my sister and mother are both deathly allergic to cats and have threatened to disown me for even thinking about making it so that they could never come visit me, so that’s another option that’s out.

Alas, I’d given up on the pet idea and decided that I’d have to wait until I either made enough money to get my own place, or until I’m living the white-picket-fence-family-life. And then Tyrone came along:

So I can’t exactly take him for walks, but Tyrone will have to do for now as my New York pet (for those inquiring about the name – it’s a long story, but based on a crazy guy that calls my office all the time!) And he’s actually pretty amusing – I’ve gotten him to follow my finger around the tank, and even though I’m not supposed to, I feed him way more than I should because…well, he just always looks so hungry! And while I can’t give a dog all the amenities it would need, Tyrone’s got quite the luxurious bachelor pad – sea shells, sand, and palm trees…what more do you need in life?


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