Only in New York: The Dog Stroller

Since I’ve been living in New York, there have been so many times where I’ve seen the hilarious, the eccentric, and the just plain mind boggling and thought “only in New York.” Well, here’s something for the eccentric category.

A few days ago I took a quick mid-afternoon break from work to get some caffeine and some fresh air. As I was sitting for a moment to soak up a little summer sun, a woman rolled up next to me and sat down with this:

Yes, you are seeing that right. That’s three little dogs, all tucked into a bright pink baby stroller. I literally had to keep myself from bursting out laughing. It was so weird that it was almost cute!

I’ve definitely never seen this before and had no choice but to shake my head and think “only in New York.” Am I missing something? To all the dog lovers out there, is this typical, or just a crazy New York idea?


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