Floor 36 Book Review: “Hush” by Kate White

If you know me at all, you know that I am a total bookworm. I just love to devour a good book, and I love to pass along that good read to others even more. Many of the books I come across are set in New York or written by New York authors, so I thought my blog would be the perfect place to share reviews of some of my favorites written by New Yorkers or set in the city.

First up:

“Hush” by Kate White: 3/5 stars

I had never read any of the books by Kate White, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. Of all the genres I typically read, mysteries and thrillers usually aren’t among them. But after hearing White speak at a magazine event I attended, I became further intrigued by her, especially when she mentioned the premise for her new thriller “Hush.”

The plot: Marketing consultant and recently divorced mother of two Lake Warren finds herself in a new consulting position at a fertility clinic that is looking to increase its visibility. All is going well until she falls for one of the new doctors at the clinic and, after a one-night fling, stumbles upon the aftermath of his murder. Realizing that all signs point to her as the culprit, Warren spends most of the novel desperately trying to find the real killer and while trying to keep it cool at work and avoid an ugly custody battle with her ex-husband at the same time.

Why I gave it three stars: White has a distinct writing style that fits the genre well and keeps you turning the pages in anticipation, wondering what’s going to happen next. The main character was very relatable and I found myself wondering what I would do in her situation many times throughout the book. Also, much of the plot, including the ending, was surprisingly unpredictable. It was truly a thriller in that sense–I even found myself gasping in surprise in a few places, which is what makes me want to add the rest of White’s thrillers to my to-read list.

Why I deducted two stars: There were a few cheesy aspects (starting with the main character’s name–Lake Warren?) and a few things that were just a little too convenient (like the fact that her two kids were away at summer camp when everything happened). While it was a good, tantalizing read, it’s not exactly a piece of great literature, but then again, how many mystery/thrillers are?

Should you read it? Yes. Overall, it’s not the best book you’ll read in your life, but if your looking for a good, quick page turner with a likable protagonist that will have you yelling at the pages “run the OTHER way!!” this one’s for you.


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